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Mon, Apr. 19th, 2004, 08:25 pm
angelnevaeh: ummm...there's lots of stuff here

lots going on this week for the UCDems

Still be sure to join us, Tuesdays at 5:30 in the Student Government Bubble (right off McMicken Commons)

Bring a friend...or five :)

First and foremost dems...this is ELECTION WEEK (there are more details about dates and things going on this week after the election stuff)

Elect your Student Body President, VP, and At-Large Senators
you can vote anytime this week online at www.uc.edu/elections
the big event to sponsor this is "ROCK THE UC VOTE" from 11-2 on McMicken Commons.
Rich Hardesty and Ari Hest will be giving a concert, there will be free food, and the Greek organizations have arranged for a Dunking Booth set up to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation

Election results will be announced at 5PM on Friday

if you want details on slates i posted some stuff on the u_of_cincy community...
my PERSONAL endorcement goes to slate 13 and the Miller-Hanson campaign.


*Rock the UC Vote from 11-2 on McMicken Commons

*Student Government Meetings are open to the public.(unlike that removal trial on friday--which a few Senators did attempt to pass a bill through to make it an open hearing however, when it involves a hearing about possible repimanding and punishment of a student--it will always be closed.) We meet in 310 University Pavillion, so feel free to check out the meeting and give some input during "Comments from the Gallery" Starts at 6PM

*$2 progressive pitchers at Martino's on Vine, Dustin Miller and Brian Hanson will be doing some Meet the Candidate action.


Come out and see what exactly the craze was all about. See it for the first time, see it for the hundreth time. It's not a movie just about guns for those of you who heard that, it's all about life and what kind of world we live in today. It affects everyone, and I have yet to meet a person who didn't have strong feelings (good or bad) about the movie. Even if you disagree with him, it's good to know what you disagree with, dissenters are always appreciated.
starts at 7PM

Well kids...it's that time of the year. Guess who the dems are bringing onto campus...
JERRY SPRINGER - TUC ATRIUM - on campus helping register voters. Come register to vote and get a picture with the infamous former Mayor of Cincinnati and TV personality.

12 - noon

Planned Parenthood has not sent us official details yet, we're supposed to receive them by Thursday but we will be boarding buses and leaving Saturday night for Washington DC and the March for Women's Lives

we're also ordering tshirts. i wish they would be more blue than they are though...they're a blue to match the Kerry campaign signs.

the site has been updated, check it out:


we're still looking for a good webmaster...if anyone's interested

anything else comes up...i'll just um, add that later. :)

officially...the communications director